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About us

After 35 years of buying and selling architectural antiques and reclamation, David has downsized the business and moved into Ledbury, where stock is viewable four days a week at Unit 4.

Vintage and industrial furnishings, suitable for home and business are worked on and displayed at Unit 4. Where Wharf Gallery also displays contemporary art, prints and posters by British 20th 21st century artists.

Clients and customers include boutique hotels, pubs, restaurants and cafes as well as homeowners from Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

In addition, tables, chairs, decorative items and a good range of antique and vintage garden furniture and ornament are available to purchase at The Nest, a popular cafe, delicatessen, bar and garden centre just 3 miles from Posterity. The Nest is open seven days a week.

The business was started in 1980 by David, who previously had worked at Christies auctioneers and a film production company in central London before moving to Herefordshire and starting Posterity Architectural Reclamation. Now the company is purely a supplier of antiques and interiors.

Colleague Nick Trigg has been part of the business for nearly the entire time.

In addition, the newly opened Wharf Gallery offers a selection of 20th/21st century works of art, paintings, prints, and sculpture.

Jock and Mac make up the team.


Open four days a week, or by appointment.