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Close down

Sadly,  like most UK businesses, we have closed the shop at Ledbury.

The Nest is still operating for food purchases, and continue to sell a few items on our behalf to customers queuing for food. It wont last for long, and we will have to try to keep the web site updated, and though its unlikely many people will be thinking about furniture and such during this period, if anyone does want a couple of extra chairs for the children coming back home from school or university, or a work table or work bench for things to do over the months ahead, planters for the garden, etc. we may be able to help. Without ignoring the advice given by Govt. we could incorporate deliveries to your front door while doing a weekly food shop, or leave for collection at the Nest which is still open seven days a week for food collections.

Keep safe, stay at home, and hope to see you all after this is over.